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Welcome to the Barracudas Swim Team

We are glad that you have decided to join the Barracudas Swim Team. We all want to see our swimmers develop the efficiency and love for swimming. We believe that this is a tripartite partnership between parents, coaches and swimmers. Thank you parents for making the commitment to get your kids to practice on time and trusting our coaches in nurturing their swimming progress.

About Barracudas

The British Club have partner Total Swimming to establish the Barracudas Swim Team in year 2000. The Barracudas Swim Team is a Learn to Train program that is grounded on 4 principles:


  1. Stroke Efficiency Improvements.

  2. Aerobics Capacity Development.

  3. Character Development.

  4. Active Participation.


Team Code:

  • Good Efforts lead to Good Improvements.

  • Do it Right.

  • Honour your teammates and coaches.

  • Be Presence. Body, Mind and Heart.



After Completion of Stroke School 4 Learn to Swim




Frequency: 1x/week

Duration: 60mins


White Team

Frequency: 3x/week

Duration: 60mins


Blue Team

Frequency: 3x/week

Duration: 60mins


Red Team

Frequency: 3x/week

Duration: 90mins

Promotion from 1 group to another is based on acquiring the competency needed to progress to the next level of training. The competency assessment is conducted in June and December of each year. There are 3 components in the assessment:


  1. Swim Endurance (The ability to hold stroke form over specific distance & time)

  2. Swimming Form and Techniques (Good swimming efficiency in all 4 strokes)

  3. Mindset and Attitude (The ability to become more self-motivated and directed)

Swim Meets & Time Trials

There are 11 entry level swim meets and 3 time trials that the Barracudas White, Blue and Red team will participate in annually. These platforms are created to provide our budding swimmers a chance to learn how to race and at the same time build their motivation to train and swim better. These meets are namely;


The Neptune League

This is a swim competition where each participating club take turn to host the meet across each year. The participating clubs are:

  • The British Club

  • The Tanglin Club

  • The Hollandse Club

  • The Swiss Club

  • Singapore Island Country Club.


Entry Rules:

Each swimmer is only allowed to compete in 2 individual and 2 relay events in their age group.


Selection Criteria:

The selection criteria is based on the time trial time conducted before each scheduled meet. Swimmer with the fastest time trial time will be selected and offered the spot to represent the club in their age group.


The Merlion League

This is a swim competition similar to the Neptune league. However, the objective is to encourage more swimmers participation amongst the participating club. The participating clubs are:

  • The British Club

  • The Tanglin Club

  • The American Club

  • Marsden Swim Club

  • Warren Golf & Country Club.


Entry Rules:

Each club is allowed 4 swimmers per event. Invitation will be sent out to all swimmers in the barracudas team. Entries are on a first come first sign up basis.


Selection Criteria:

There is no selection criteria for this meet. However, relay team swimmers selection is based on coaches discretion and swimmers availability.


 The British Club Annual Swimming Gala

 This is a swimming gala hosted by British Club annually in May/June period to provide all members in the club an opportunity to compete in a swim gala event. There are no entry or eligibility requirements.

Team Attire

All swimmers will require to put on their team attire when they are representing the British Club in all the swim meet. The team attire consist of a team t-shirts and a swim cap. These can be purchased at the club pro-shop.


Currently, all team attire is not available. The club is in the midst of re-ordering. Will notify everyone when it is ready.

Important Team Practice Information

  • Swimmers should arrive at the pool 10mins before the start of practice.

  • All swimmers with long hair are encourage to put on swim caps during training.

  • Swimmers should have a starter gear bag that consists of a kickboard, goggles, pull buoy, flippers & swim cap. Alternatively a hybrid kick board/pull buoy can replace the traditional kickboard and pull buoy. 

  • Goggles should be properly adjusted prior to attending each practice session. This will ensure the coaches can fully focus on running the practice session.

  • If possible always have a spare googles in their gear bag.

  • Coaches will decide training groups/lanes based on ability and swimming level. Test sets, times, technique/skill level and endurance factor into the training groups. Age does not strictly determine your training lane.

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Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 7.12.16 PM.png


All Barracudas team communication are disseminated either via email or the telegram chat group.


You can subscribe to the Barracudas Telegram Channel

Notification of practice cancellation due to inclement weather will be broadcast via this Telegram Channel.


If you have a change of email address, please notify us via email:


Coaching Staffs

Coach Pierre Bienaime

Over 10yrs of coaching experiences in various school coaching capacity.

(Austswim, ASCTA Accredited Coach)


Coach Julian Kuan

Over 10yrs of swim teaching and coaching experiences.

(ASCA Accredited Coach)


Coach Chan Liam

Over 2yrs of teaching and coaching experiences. Singapore ex-national swimmer.

(ASCA Accredited Coach)


Coach Alain Chan

Over 20yrs of teaching & coaching experiences in various capacity.

(ASCTA Trainer, Austswim, ASCA and Fina Accredited Coach)

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