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Our Team

We believe that Total Swimming greatest asset are its people. We believe in building our people not only to be proficient in what they do, but also to find their purpose and potential in life.


Join Us

Total Swimming manages a few aquatic programs across Singapore. We are constantly searching for like-minded people who have outgoing and joyful personalities to join our team.

Progressive Swim Teacher Training

We believe that swimming teachers and coaches are professional, and all aspiring teachers and coaches must undergo proper mentorship program to acquire the right skills set to teach proficiently.


Here in Total Swimming, our time proven track record of training and mentoring swim teachers that are passionate, skillful and fun loving towards the children they teaches is often seen during our lessons.


Flexible Hours

Total Swimming offer various teaching times. Our teachers can choose to teach as little as 4 hours a week to 20 hours a week. Thus allowing all our teachers the flexibility to balance their work and personal life.

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