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  • How can we sign up for lessons?
    The 1st step in signing up for our lesson is to schedule your child for a free skill assessment via our website. ( Click on the “FREE Assessment” button. Upon submission of your contact details. Our center coordinator will get in touch with you to organize the skill assessment consultation assessment session.
  • How much do you charge for your lesson?
    Our lesson fees are range between $30 to $35 per session across our various centres.
  • Do you offer make-up lessons?
    We do not offer any make-up lesson missed due to personal reason. Lesson will be conducted in accordance with the scheduled term dates. Learners are encouraged to attend lesson consistently so that their swimming skills can be developed fully when they are with us.
  • Do you provide pro-rata for fees if my child is on Medical Leave?
    We do not provide pro-rata of fees for any lesson missed due to common cold and flu, including covid-19 positive cases. This is because lesson is still being conducted and your child lesson spot are still being reserved for you. However, parents can apply for lesson suspension via if your child have a serious medical condition and have been issued a medical leave or advise that require a recovery period of more than 14 days. (Note: Lesson Suspension will be reviewed on a case-to-case basis.)
  • How do we know if lesson will be cancelled because of inclement weather?
    There will be no cancellation of lesson due to bad weather. In such event, we will proceed with dry-land training. Dry-Land training is an important aspect of developing the fundamental movement of a child that will help them in their swimming skill learning. However, all in-water lesson will resume when weather is safe for swimming.
  • Will there be skill assessment after each term of lesson?
    Yes, there will be termly skill assessment conducted. The purpose of the skill assessment is to provide a termly review of how much your child have progress. It is not an assessment of how well they have done. (Note: Every children develop at a different pace, it is important for us to make learning encouraging and positive.)
  • Will there be certificate of achievement issued?
    Yes, an E-Certificate of Achievement will be issue to all children that meet the must-see criteria for each skill level. The certificate serves as an encouragement and recognition of their effort in learning progress. The E-Certificate can be retrieved via the online parent portal.
  • What are your class ratio?
    Our class ratio is: 1:6 for all entry level classes (Beginner, Elementary & Stroke School 1) and 1:8 for all intermediate level classes. (Stroke School 2 to 4).
  • How can I withdraw from the lessons with Total Swimming?
    You can submit an email notification to 30 days before the last lesson to withdraw from the program. Any remaining lesson fees will be pro-rata back to you. (Note: Refund of balance fees are calculated from the last lesson.)
  • Can we schedule a trial lesson before signing up?
    Yes, you can book a payable trial lesson with us via our website. Trial lesson are charge at $40.00 per session. (Subjected to availability). Our centre coordinator will advise availability upon receipt of your online request.
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