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Swim Team

The Barracudas Swim Team is the club competitive swim team. Swimmers in the team ages from 7 years to 16 years. They train at least 2-3 times a week and participate in various swim competition and gala over the 12 months calendar.

These meet are namely:

The Neptune League and The Merlion League.

A swimming league where each participating social club take turns to host across 1 calendar year.

The Barracudas Swim Team are made up of 3 progressive training groups of different swimming abilities and ages. They are namely:

White Team > Blue Team > Red Team

White Team

1. The White Team (Developmental)


This is where budding swimmers will progress to after their Learn to Swim Endurance Phase.


There are 3 focuses in the Developmental Squad. 

  • Swim Strokes development and refinement for all 4 strokes.

  • Physical conditioning and strengthening.

  • Introduction and exposure to entry level swim competition.


Training Schedule:

Tue, Thu (5.40pm to 6.40pm)

Sat (10.30am to 11.30am) | 60 minutes

Training fee: $135.00 per month



2. The Blue Team (Pre-Squad)

Swimmers who are capable of performing 3 good swimming strokes will progress to the pre-squad. In this phase, swimmers will be challenged to develop their swimming skills as they learn to train.


The focuses of the Pre-Squad are:

  • Learning of all the fundamental rules of competitive swimming and training.

  • Starts, Turns and Competitive Butterfly.

  • Physical Strengthening and Loading.

  • Teamwork and Training Discipline.

Training Schedule:

Mon, Wed, Fri  (4.30pm to 5.30pm) | 60 minutes

Training fee: $135.00 per month

RED Team

3. The Red Team (Squad)

Swimmers who display readiness in training attitudes, physical fitness and swimming skills (All 4 competitive strokes) will progress to the Red Team.


The focuses of the Squad are:

  • Competitive strokes refinements.

  • Building Cardio-Muscular Endurance for racing

  • Teamwork and Training Discipline.

  • Goal Setting.

Training Schedule:

Mon, Wed, Fri  (5.40pm to 7.10pm) | 90 minutes

Training fee: $150.00 per month

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