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LEarn to SWIM

The Learn to Swim Programs are broken into 7 stages of progression:

1. Beginner​

  • Suitable for learner who have no prior swimming experiences and who are unable to submerged themselves into the water and float independently. (Timid Beginner)


2. Elementary 

  • Suitable for learner who have some swimming experiences. They are able to jump into the water and swim over a short distance confidently. However, there are no proper form strokes. (Confident Beginner)


3. Stroke School 1 (Front Crawl)

  • Suitable for learner who are water safe and confident in executing the flutter kicks over a distance of 15m either independently or with support of  a kick board. However, they are not able to proficiently swim the front crawl. 

4. Stroke School 2 (Backstroke)

  • Suitable for learner who already can swim the front crawl proficiently over 25m, but have not learn or proficiently swim the other swimming strokes.


5. Stroke School 3 (Breaststroke)

  • Suitable for learner who can proficiently swim the front and back crawl over 25m, but have not  learn or proficiently swim the Breaststroke.

6. Stroke School 4 (Butterfly).

  • Suitable for learner who can proficiently swim the front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke over 25m, but have not learn or proficiently swim the Butterfly stroke.


7. Endurance (Mini-Squad)

  • The endurance mini squad is the transition group to prepare the graduate from the learn to swim program before they cross over to the Barracudas White Team,

Lesson Schedule:

Mon to Thu > 4.30pm to 6.15pm

Sat > 9.00am to 12.30pm

Fees: $120.00 per month

To register for lessons, kindly book for a skill assessment.

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