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Be Part of A Team

Learning to Train

Total Swimming Developmental programme seek to Develop, Cultivate and Build our young swimmers in 3 levels.

  1. Basic Competitive Swimming Skills, Techniques and Rules.

  2. Foundational Personal Physical Fitness.

  3. Sportsmanship Values.

This is the stage where swimmers begin to learn the fundamentals of swim training. It is the essential stage that where their efficient swimming form will be developed fully for the enjoyment of a lifelong participation in swimming and water sports.


Develop, Cultivate and Build:
a. Basic Competitive Swimming Skills and Techniques.
b. Fundamental core physical fitness for active well-being. c. Proficiency in all 4 swimming strokes.
d. Basic Starts (Dive) and Turns.
e. Personal Water Survival.
f. Team training experience.

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